Been off living my life

I did have the silent intention to blog every day, well, it's lucky it was silent because I epicly failed this weekend. Things like that happen when you're off visiting friends in another town and don't feel like spending precious hours at the computer.

I didn't even read very much. Imagine that.

Now I'm back to normal life though, except how I am off to meet a whole bunch of other book bloggers this evening and although I have nail polish and converses and a canvas bag with books to trade I still feel a bit anxious. As one is when meeting new people. I'm pretty sure it will be an evening of laughter and lots of book talk though. In fact I think it will be generally awesome.

On the way there I will keep reading about Temeraire and giggling about large dragons sneezing.
  • Sooz
  • 1:31 PM


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