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I am yawning at work today but it was totally worth it. 14 (or was it 15) lovely intelligent women chatting away the hours while eating excellent Lebanese food and drinking various beverages makes for a brilliant evening. It felt like wherever I turned there was great conversations and they went from books and authors to cats through nail-polish and weddings.

All the books I'd brought got snatched up and I even brought one home, Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy. It's not really in the genres I usually cover here but I've heard lots of good things about it. And mysteries is the genre I most often stray towards when I leave the comfort of the fantastic. Especially well-written mysteries.

I failed at one thing last night though, I didn't get a single picture. But luckily others did, Bokbiten, Dark Places and Bokbabbel have posted some in their spaces and I'm sure other posts will appear eventually as well.

Finally I did some book shopping today, but I still didn't break my self-imposed ban since I shopped for the swap I'm in. I won't say what I got in case she finds her way here and figure me out but I will say that Book Depository have extended their 10% offer until Friday! And as always there's free shipping to a lot of countries, including Sweden.
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