Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders - Gyles Brandreth

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read shamefully little of Oscar Wilde but every time I read a quote of his I always smile and promise myself to pick up The Picture of Dorian Gray and Three Stories or The Importance of Being Earnest very soon. Therefore I was of course intrigued when my friend handed me this book. Oscar Wilde as a detective? It turns out it works very well, it's a mystery somewhat in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle (who also shows up as a character in the book) but a bit less straightforward than the cases Sherlock Holmes solves. It wasn't until the very last chapters that I figured out who was the murderer and that is always a good sign. I also like how Oscar Wilde is portrayed in the book. He of course has his faults and vices but on the whole is it a very believable portrayal.

It took me long enough to finish this book but that is more my fault than the book's, I am most definitely looking forward to reading the next one.

  • Sooz
  • 10:00 AM


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