So my darling husband turned 35 today and with that in mind I visited sf-bokhandeln on Friday. I am really quite proud I only came out of there with two books for me and two for him.

The adorable Storm Trooper is his as well. It goes with the bobble headed Vader he already owns.

Anyways, the books I got for me was Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi and Soulless by Gail Carriger. One is a humoristic tale about First Contact, you know the alien kind, and the other has vampires and steampunk and Victorian London. Soulless was on a Steampunk list by Jen at Epbot and it seems really interesting.

The other two books were birthday gifts for 'dreas. He enjoyed Flash Forward the TV-series and the book is supposedly better (when are they not). And since we have both been enjoying Butcher's Dresden books lately I though this was an excellent opportunity to get his other series and see if that's any good.

Sidenote - I really love the cover on Agent to the Stars. Retro prettyness!

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