Yup, still sick

Getting better I think but still exhausted and coughing. Really over this whole cold thing now. But Furies of Calderon is good and Agent to the Stars was good and from my vantage point on the couch I've made tentative plans on how to arrange our bookshelves. So, progress, I think.

Tomorrow I'm going to work to see if I am still going to Denmark this week. Three days lost is not a good thing but honestly I think I would have been worthless at work anyways. Shit happens, I'll sort it somehow.

Also, I get payed this week and it's time to see if I can keep to my self-imposed stop on buying books. As long as I don't pass by a bookstore I should be ok. I think. *deletes bookdepository.co.uk from bookmarks*

  • Sooz
  • 8:51 PM


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