So who would you...

...want to smooch, who'd be a great spouse and which character deserves a very long walk on a very short cliff? In other words, kiss, marry, cliff - the literary version! Answer in the comments or in your own blogs and post the link in the comments, please.

So, what are my own answers? Well, for kissing I'd pick Harry Dresden. Now I am tempted to say it would be magical but then I'd have to shoot myself over that bad pun so I'll stick to saying that Harry is a man who does things with a passion and I can't imagine his kisses being much different.

Marry then, well, I do already have a awesome husband but if I hadn't I'd love a rebellious gentleman, Lord Peter Wimsey would make an awesome spouse. The other choice would be Karrin Murphy, also from the Dresden Files, she's good looking, kick-ass and would probably make me worry indefinitely but I still think she'd be a good partner.

As for who to walk off a cliff, well there are several who deserve it. Most often inflexible pencil-pushers who take a sadistic pleasure in enforcing rules no matter the consequences. Of all those I'd say Dolores Umbridge is among the worst and therefore she get's to take a tumble.
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