Boarding school books

When I was young and inhaled books I loved reading about boarding schools, I remember one series about, I think, a pair of female twins but I can't for the life of me remember the titles! Anyone recognize them? They were dark haired and solved some sort of mysteries. The books had white covers I think.

This links into what some other book bloggers have named Aca-porn, ie books set in an academic setting, often old universites, bording schools and the like. I want to read more of this, preferably with some sort of mystical, fantasy or future element... anyone have recommendations? Besides Harry Potter of course because I think my geek book blogger card would be revoked if I hadn't read those.

Edit: I am wondering if the series I read might have been The Dana Girls, appearently they are from Carolyn Keene so that would explain why I read them since I was a Nancy Drew-fan for a long time.
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