Sunday meme on a Monday

Since this Monday is my Sunday as I took time off work to spend time with Martina and Fia I thinks it's quite alright if I answer this meme today (created by Bokstävlarna and translated by me):

This weekend's...

…funniest: Trash-talking ESC together with the girls and the awesomely geeky bookish get-together on Saturday.

...most boring: Not having enough money to indulge in all the bookstores we visited. And also saying good bye to M & F again.

tastiest: Maybe the dumplings, or the sushi, or the muffins or possibly the tacos. So much good food!

…reading: Finished Iron Council by China Mieville and started on Soulless by Gail Carriger.

…listening: Less than usual but when appropriate the usual very random spotify-list.

So, how was your weekend?

  • Sooz
  • 10:09 PM


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