And so it begins...

I have a book blog. It's been a long time coming what with me loving to write and loving to read. Not to mention two of my dear friends run book blogs of their own and seem to have lots of fun doing it.

So how will this work? Well, I plan on writing and posting reviews, mostly through my goodreads-account, and also make posts where I ramble on about this and that relating to books. So yes, a pretty standard plan all and all. The books I read are mostly either fantasy or sci-fi although not always the garden variety of either. I love New Weird and sci-fi that make me laugh (looking at you here John Scalzi), I like sword and sorcery and .44 Magnums in leather coat pockets (Yes Harry Dresden I am talking about you) and sometimes I re-read the Belgariad for about the millionth time. Oh, and yes, I am Swedish but will be writing in English except maybe when I review books written in Swedish.

So welcome, take a browse and remember that Any moment called now is filled with possibilities
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