Eurocon Day One

I just got home from my first day on my first convention and let me tell ya, it was awesome! There was a table of second hand books, a table of new books and lots and lots of geeky people talking about geeky subjects and being generally awesome. Add to that really really cheap alcohol and brilliant guests talking about interesting things and you can see why I found it so great.

And just look at this loot! Every book but the Elisabeth Bear one is second hand and all of them only set me back 155 for the second hand books and 85 for the new one. I also got the new one signed by Elisabeth who I was unintentionally stalking half the day, she is lovely to listen to, intelligent and funny with a very infectious laughter. And I basically need all her books. As soon as possible.

When I got my hastily bought book signed I even managed to talk to her without making a complete ass of myself but, as I wrote on twitter, I don't think I quite managed to keep the stars out of my eyes. I do believe she took it as a compliment though.

The other guests were also interesting and I think I enjoyed the "As you know, Bob"-panel best of the shared panels. It was about info dumping and how to do it well (in sexscenes, through non-fiction passages or having the character ask a convenient professor to explain it all). That panel had Elisabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Charles Stross and Hannu Rajaneimi and the four of them played off eachother really well. I also really liked the "Lovecraft Today" panel because, tentacles!

It's nearing midnight now and I'm about to tip into bed but I am really looking forward to tomorrow!
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