Eurocon Day Two and Three

I had no idea going to a con was this much fun! I should have guessed but damn was it great!

Yesterday me and Boktimmen-Fia met up with Feuerzeug and some other book bloggers and had some awesome geeky conversation in between the panels and even on the metro. The panels were also really good. I had one difficult choice on Saturday when Ian McDonald's GoH interview collided with a reading and Q&A with Cirkeln-Sara. I went with my gut feeling and went to see Sara and I do not regret it at all. She read the first chapter of Cirkeln and was so lovely I didn't feel afraid to ask questions at all. I found out that the Danish, Norwegian and German translations of the book will be released this year and the UK one sometime early 2012. I'll keep an eye out for more exact dates because there are several of my international friends that need to read the book! After the read there was a signing and I was first in line like a proper fangirl getting my already read copy signed. Also there was unexpected loot in that I got one of the much coveted Cirkeln-totes for myself.

Interestingly that was the only piece of loot from Saturday. My wallet was very relived. Another memorable panel was Hannu Rajaniemi and Charles Stross interviewing eachother, they were funny and had some interesting things to say about the future of Sci-fi. I am unashamedly delighted at Charles Stross way with language and he has that rather smug, dry humor I so like.

Today I did shop a few more things, a con t-shirt and a Swedish anthology of short stories. I wibbled over getting the t-shirt since it is white but I figure I can get some dye and remedy that. There were fewer panels and talks today but one of my favorites was the one about gender and the freedom that writing in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror gives the author when it comes to handling gender. It gave me the (maybe slightly mad) idea to write my Young Adult novel with a main character whose gender I won't divulge. It could be done but the question is if any publisher would want to touch it with a ten foot pole. I do hope so.

Finally, once again, this has been awesome and if nothing else I am infinitely thankful that my muse have returned to me. And I leave you with a few cute Steampunk ladies who I sneak photographed during the Steampunk Tea Mixer.
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