Holy long weekend, batman!

Six days without blogging? I should be ashamed, except how I'm not since I've once again been having a grand old time off in the real life. We've had a five day weekend over here in lovely Sweden and I've spent it laughing with friends, eating lots of tasty foods at a food festival (dumplings! samosas! strawberries! sushirolls!) and drinking rosé wine on my newly furnished balcony. And I finished a book or two as well.

I'm back at work now for about four days and then I have another one week vacation coming up, one that is ending with Eurocon and a visit from Boktimmen! I hope this nice weather keeps up, I'm already getting used to having breakfast outside.

Oh and isn't the blog looking great!? My lovely friend koryou made this layout for me and I adore it alot! (Of course I managed to fudge up a few things in the transfer of layouts but I'll have it sorted soon enough!)
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