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So I finally went and got Cirkeln (The Circle) today and I must say it is quite refreshing to read about a reality mixed with the fantastic to which I can still relate. The school in Engelsfors could just as well have been located in the city I grew up in. I superimpose my own school over the one in the story and I can smell the classrooms and see the furniture and such like it was real.

As someone who's grown up about as far away from an american high school or english boarding school as is possible it is kinda nice to have a sense of familiarity. Especially since I so rarely read YA books set in Sweden. They are usually rather void of the elements I want in a book, ie horror, magic or the supernatural in general. Do feel free to prove me wrong by providing links to books that do contain them though!

Right now I have ten glorious days off and I bet I will spend a chunk of that time on my lovely shaded balcony with a glass of something cold and a book in the hand, at least if the weather keeps. Oh and I will end the vacation by going to listen to one of the authors of Cirkeln, Sara Bergmark Elfgren, speak about writing at Eurocon!
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