Marvel 1602 - Neil Gaiman

Marvel 1602Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman

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What happens if you take Marvel characters we all know add some Neil Gaiman and then toss it all to the 1600's instead of the modern age Well, judging from this graphic novel greatness! Every character is recognizable and enjoyable and the story complements them very nicely. It's even so that some character who seem a bit out of place in the modern world are now fitting in perfectly (Dr Doom is a shining example and in a way also Steven Strange).

The art is also flawless, the dramatics and the subtle changes suit the story and there are many frames I would love to have as prints on my wall.

This is a true can't-put-it-down-book, don't start reading it late at night when you should be sleeping. Just saying!

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  • Sooz
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