Fel grav (Part one of Pretty Monsters) - Kelly Link

Fel grav och andra berättelserFel grav och andra berättelser by Kelly Link
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(Part one of two of the Swedish translation of Pretty Monsters)
When I got this book in a book swap during a dinner with some fellow book bloggers I didn’t realize that this was the book that was going to pull me out of the non-reading doldrums I’ve been in for near half a year now. I’ve started books but none has been finished, except, finally, this one. I read the most of it on the train towards Uppsala where I hoped to get it signed and the end the morning after.
This book is like a box of delicious chocolates, every little story delightful and fun. I think my favorite it the one about the Fairy Handbag but it might also be the one about the wanna-be poet who digs up something else than the dead girlfriend he intended. I also adore the fantastic storylines in the tale about the TV-series that is a bit more than that.
I highly recommend this book and it gives me the same feeling as Neil Gaiman’s short story collections does, like I get a glimpse at how the world might be, or is, if I look at it right, maybe from the corner of my eye or with my head tilted just so.
I would like to mention the translation too, I am very picky when it comes to translated books and this one did not feel translated at all, the only difference from reading in English was that it went faster. And that is how a translation should be.

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