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Look at the t-shirt Threadless (full disclosure: that link it my street-team link so if you decide to get a shirt after clicking it I get rewarded with some points) released this week, how filled with book geekery isn't it? I kind of want one but I already have a largeish order heading my way. I hope it arrives before we leave to go north next week. Speaking off it's going to feel very strange to return, I have never been away from Luleå this long and now I'm only going back to visit. I still find it odd that I live here now from time to time, mostly in a positive way though. I don't mind people (I'm good at drowning them out with my own thoughts) and I absolutely love everything that's available.

Speaking of people and Stockholm and commuting, is it just me that thinks it's really nice to see everyone reading books on the trains now that the free newspaper is on a break? Love seeing peoples different tastes, the most adorable so far was a tourist though, a gangly german pre-teen boy with one of the City of Bones-books in his arms while he was sightseeing with his family. I can so relate to that! Never went far without a book in that age myself (never do now either).

Since I last posted the books I ordered have arrived and I've already finished two of them, Hexed and Secondhand Spirits. The latter was rather adorable and the main character was a nice mix of the chick-litish protagonist and the action heroine. It had the best bits of both genres really. Definitely going to read the next book as well. Hexed was every bit as good as Hounded so that series I am really enjoying, the latest part, Hammered, was recently released so I'm going to get that too. Need to finish a few more of the books on the to-read-shelf first though. And I'm not talking about the one on goodreads but the actual physical one. I should take a picture of that when I'm home again.

At the moment I am reading All the Windwracked Stars by Elisabeth Bear and it reminds me quite a bit of China Mieville's Bas Lag books, especially Perdido Street Station, which surprised me a bit. Mostly it is because of the large, rather rundown, city filled with strange wonderment and due to the reader being told just enough at every time and being able to figure things out on ones own. I like it so far.
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