Books are heavy

We've been helping 'dreas parets to move today and since his dad have worked in a book warehouse for a very long time there was a lot of books, and we only moved the boxes with childrens books today. I was kinda envious of all the nicely preserved Tove Jansson books and there were some dear reunions for me as well, among others a history book aimed towards children (Of course now I can't recall the title. It was a first and last name beginning with A's historia för barn but my google-fu is failing me) which I used as a sleeping aid at times. I liked the book but it also made my eyelids real heavy... maybe this is why I didn't study history at uni *ponders*

Anyways, I hope they do as we have done at home and put up a shelf for the children and YA books. They deserve a better life that being hidden away in boxes.

Also, I really want to read Incubus by Carol Goodman. And I blame Helena :)
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