Is it June 5th yet?

So remember how I said one of the books I was looking forward to in the future was John Scalzi's Red Shirts? And that there was an excerpt on Well, I finally got off my shapely behind and read said excerpt and now I only have one question: Is it june 5th yet? Because it's good, very good.

Considering the title the book is about just what you might think it is about, those unfortunate souls who get eaten, pulverized, infected, melted, defenestrated or killed in whichever dreadful way the writers could dream up that week on Star Trek, especially the Original Series. Of course, in the book the names are cleverly changed but easily recognizable as a closer look is taken at how things went on behind the scenes.

Scalzi does humor well, as is very obvious in Agent to the Stars for example, and from the first 5 chapters it seems he's still got it. I for one is going to pre-order and if you like Star Trek and other old sci-fi series, or know enough about them to know what a redshirt is, you should to.
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