Friday Questions!

First from Engelsfors News (That's where you wanna go for information in English about Cirkeln (The Circle) and the rest of the Engelsfors-trilogy. So go, now, and then come back).

Q: Last book you finished?
My answer: Hammered by Kevin Hearne (link in the margins if you wanna check it out)

Q: Did you enjoy it?
My answer: I did indeed, the ending was a bit abrupt and I have some sort of ingrained defense mechanism for the Nordic gods and don't like them getting hurt but still, yes I did enjoy it and am happy the series will continue...
Q: What are you reading right now? 
My answer: The Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton and Udda Verklighet by Nene Ormes.

Q: Are you enjoying it? 
My answer: I picked Pandora's Star up again after letting it rest for a while and now it has caught my interest much better despite being a Very Thick Book. I'm on page 500-something and only half way! But there's FTL-drives and cloning and mysteries and humanity and I am rather liking it. Udda Verklighet is the first proper e-book I am reading on the iPad, I borrowed it from the library and it is really good! Very nice urban fantasy in Swedish.


And secondly from Bokbabbel - Originally in Swedish, translation is mine.
What are you reading this weekend?
Besides knitting patterns I expect to get at least some read in the two books I talk about above. Especially Udda Verklighet as that is borrowed from the library.

What's the perfect reading moment like?
A good book, something tasty to drink (in a thermos mug if it is hot because I tend to forget about it) and maybe something not-sticky to eat.

Best reading moment last week?
I am guessing one of the commutes, most likely in the morning because somehow I seem to be able to completely ignore the outside world best then.

How many hours a week do you spend in the world of books? 
At least five since I read at least on my morning commute every day but most often at least 10. Not counting weekends cause there is fluctuates wildly.

Where do you never read?
In the shower! I also try to avoid reading before sleep since way too many times that's ended with me blinking confusedly at a the clock after the book is finished and realizing I have something like two hours to sleep before having to be at work.

What do you never read? Based on a true story! General "real world" drama very very rarely makes an appearance in my reader list. There are too many books in genres I generally like for me to venture too far into ones I don't generally like.

Which is your favorite bookstore?
IRL - SF Bokhandeln. Online -

You get 300 sek ($38, 32 euro) to shop books for, what do you buy? 
Oh dear, well... I would probably go nuts on the News-shelf at SF Bokhandeln or possibly go through my wishlist over on goodreads to see what I could get my hands on :)

Which recent book wouldn't you read even if you got it for free?
Well, there's a lot of books I wouldn't read but since I don't usually read and enjoy chick-lit Martina Haag's Glada hälsningar från Missångersträsk would probably be left standing way back on the shelf until I could give it away with good conscience.

Which not yet released book are you looking forward to most right now?
The next book about Harry Dresden most likely, it will probably take a long time before that comes out though. I am also eagerly awaiting Tricked by Kevin Hearne. Besides that there are so many already released books I wanna read! 


That's it for questions for today, don't forget to stop by on Sunday when I post my part in the Whedon Weekend! Check out Fiktiviteter for more on what will be covered and where to read it. (Mostly in Swedish but some, at least my post, will be in english)
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